Film Production

No matter what your communication goal is, there is always a visual concept that fits it. And we produce it.

Every commercial film is as individual as every product or company. However, in recent years, different, well-defined genres have developed, whose differences and respective strengths we show below.



A commercial is a short film format with a playing time of up to 60 seconds. The sole aim of this type of film production is to draw the attention of your target group to a product or brand. Due to the short playing time, the communication of detailed information is rather secondary and limited to the most important facts. To ensure that a film like this stays in the target group's mind, our film agency regularly works with storytelling, humor or even dramatic elements. An emotional aspect definitely supports the memorability of the commercial.

Due to the short playing time and striking type of communication, the commercial has the highest potential to be distributed on many different channels. Be it in the cinema, on TV or via social media. That also means that your target group can be reached very effectively.


Image Film

An image film usually portrays a company to give the target group a look behind the scenes. In this form of film production, the focus is not on selling a product, but on cultivating the company's image. Modern image films must generate emotions, entertain viewers and tell a personal, individual story. We achieve this when we, as a film agency, take a close look at your company in order to communicate values and goals, rather than pure facts and figures.

Image films are very important, especially in digital communication, to convey an authentic and approachable image of your own company. This primarily creates trust for new and existing customers. Due to the generally longer playing time, such a film production is primarily suitable for online marketing.

Social Media

Social Media Clips sind, wie der Name schon verrät, kurze Videos, die auf verschiedene Plattformen wie Instagram, TikTok & Co. eingesetzt werden. Mit einem Social Media Video kann man, wie bei jedem anderen Werbefilm auch, in wenigen Sekunden wichtige Informationen vermitteln, oder auch eine kleine eine Geschichte erzählen, um damit Emotionen zu wecken. Ob sich YouTube, TikTok oder Instagram am besten eignet, hängt von Ihrer Zielgruppe und der Themenauswahl für Ihr Video Content ab. Wichtig bei der Auswahl von Content ist der passende Spagat zwischen Unterhaltung und klassischer Werbung.

Der Vorteil an Video Content? Wenn dieser gut gewählt und das Video ansprechend ist, lässt sich ihre Botschaft von allein verbreiten, denn für die Nutzer besteht die Möglichkeit, sämtliche Videos mit ihren Freunden und Bekannten mit nur einem Klick zu teilen. Somit kann Ihr Unternehmen wesentlich mehr Kunden ohne weitere Kosten erreichen.



A series is a series of films that tell a coherent story. The first series with advertising messages appeared at the end of the 1990s and are still the subject of long-term marketing strategies today. The important thing is that the series does not convey a clumsy advertising message, but tells an interesting story. The actual advertising is done rather subtly through clever placement of the brand or product.

The idea behind series lies in long-term customer loyalty. An exciting and entertaining concept brings the target group together with the advertising company again and again. In this way, more customers can be won over in the long term with each new film in a series.


Recruiting film

Finding employees has become a major problem for many companies. Younger generations in particular want more than just good pay. They also want a good working atmosphere and working environment. In order to convey an interesting image of one's own company or business model, using film as the right communication tool is indispensable. More precisely, the genre of the recruiting film. This type of film can be produced authentically like image films, but also entertainingly and fictitiously like commercials. Only one thing is important: the focus is on the job, the workforce and the working atmosphere.

In recent years, recruiting films have proven to be particularly successful in attracting employees because they communicate far more entertainment, insights and knowledge than classic job advertisements. There are no limits to the use of such productions. Depending on the concept, they are suitable for social media as well as for cinema and TV.



Life itself writes the best stories. For that reason, the documentary film is an absolutely timeless film genre with a high potential for any marketing strategy. Documentaries serve as an honest and authentic communication. In addition, this type of film production is usually cheaper to produce, which means that a documentary project is well suited for smaller marketing budgtes.

It is true that documentaries are accompanied by editorial staff in order to provide an entertaining as well as exciting dramaturgy. But at the end of the day, they depict reality. And that creates one thing above all for the target group: trust.


Explainer film

Explainer films (or explainer videos) are mostly known in comic style, with animations and with a typical intro like: "This is Paul". But explainer films can be so much more, if you don't always use the same graphic style or narrative. An individually produced and visually unique explainer film that entertains viewers with knowledge and an interesting story has great potential in any marketing strategy. And to achieve this, as a film agency, we always take a close look at your product or business model throughout the project.

Explainer videos have a huge advantage: they visualize business models, ideas and processes that are hardly or not at all visible in reality. This helps your potential or existing customers to better understand your products.

Film Distribution
Very few commercials go viral like cat videos. We organize the right channels for you to reach your target audience effectively.
Film Strategy
You want to produce a commercial film? It's best if we first take two steps back and develop a refined film strategy!