Film Distribution

Very few commercials go viral like cat videos.

Fifty years ago, it was easy to reach many people with a commercial. After all, there was only cinema and television. Today there are hundreds of different ways to properly place commercials.

And because it's difficult to keep track of them all, we'll be happy to take care of distributing your commercial to the right target group.


1. Analysis, Research and Consulting

What channels are there anyway and which one suits your commercial? The answer to this question depends primarily on the group of people you want to reach. So the first step is to analyze your target group. The second step is to research potential channels that can effectively reach your target audience. And finally, the third step is to recommend which channel should be used and to what extent.


2. Cinema and TV Broadcasting

Cinema and TV advertising are the most classic forms of distribution. At prime time, they often reach an audience of millions. We take care of booking cinema and TV advertising time for you. Be it at prime time after the news, all day on special interest channels or before a very specific blockbuster in the local cinema.


3. Social Media Advertising

Social media are no longer just Facebook and YouTube. Hundreds of other platforms of this kind have now developed and established themselves. We support you in finding the right platform, opening a channel and placing social media ads with a predefined budget.


4. Digital Out Of Home

We are encountering Digital Out Of Home more and more often in city centers. For example, as a screen behind the shop window or as a free-standing screen in the pedestrian zone. These digital advertising pillars offer great potential for advertising films and thus for your product or company.


5. In-Game-Advertising

The digital world consists not only of social media, but also of computer games and virtual reality. And this world is becoming ever larger and more significant. Germans already spend around 8 hours a week in digital parallel worlds. Modern trends like open world games and the metaverse will captivate even more people for even longer periods of time in the future. But while the latter still needs a few years of development, it is already possible to embed commercials in digital games today - whether for PC, console or smartphone.

Film Production
No matter what your communication goal is, there is always a commercial that fits it. And we produce it.
Film Strategy
You want to produce a commercial film? It's best if we first take two steps back and develop a refined film strategy!