Recruiting film

Recruiting film

What is a recruiting film?

A recruiting film, also known as an employer branding film, is used to attract and motivate employees. Such a film enables an attention-grabbing presentation of the culture and working environment of your company, which cannot be shown in this way in classic job advertisements with pictures and words. In addition to providing concrete information about the job in question, it is important to convey an emotional and authentic insight into your company. Employer branding is not only aimed at potential employees, but also at your company’s existing workforce. A recruiting film must therefore show itself from its best side to both target groups.

What is the purpose of a recruiting film?

Every company depends on professional employer branding. In addition to the usual marketing tools, such as job advertisements, the possibility of a recruiting film should also be considered. Studies have shown that 31% of those looking for a job from a future employer want videos and photos that show the working environment of the company. With a professional film production for recruiting, your offer for a job generates up to 34% more applicants and candidates for a position. In addition: After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine worldwide. Young applicants in particular are increasingly using this platform to find out about companies and products by means of a film. This way, you can also place your company on the platform in a promotionally effective way.

What does a recruiting film cost?

Every film is individual, just like a company, its employees and the applicants of a target group. Without a detailed concept it is not possible to name a lump sum for a film production. The effort itself and not the playing time of the film is decisive.
If you are planning a recruiting film, then simply contact us. We offer you individual ideas and concepts with the corresponding individual offers completely without obligation.

How do our projects proceed?


1. Creative conception

The communication goals and the defined target group form the most important basis for your recruiting film. The latter means: Which potential employees do you want to specifically address for which job offer? As soon as we have this information, our team will develop up to three creative concepts, within the framework of a suitable film strategy. We will present these ideas to you in detail in a joint meeting. Afterwards, you can decide for your company which concept best suits your employer brand.


2. Fine conception & storyboard

Once you have decided on a concept, the fine conception begins. This means that your film is conceptualized in detail in terms of story, text, camera work, animation, music, image design and style. If the recruiting film is produced as an authentic image film, the entire production is usually based on a written script and is often produced within the four walls of your company. If it is a commercial with fictional narration and acting, our graphic designer:inside will design a storyboard as a basis.


3. Pre-production

The detailed planning of the film, as well as the organization takes place in the pre-production. Within the available budget, we research suitable actors and actresses (or employees), suitable locations and studios, costumes and props as well as external service providers. In regular pre-production meetings (PPM), we transparently present the results of our work to you for approval.


4. Production

In this step, the shooting of the recruiting film takes place and the concept is now brought to life. As a rule, we work together with our permanent film team to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of time and costs. If you wish, you can participate in the corresponding filming days.


5. Post-production

The recruiting film is digitally edited after filming is completed. This means that we take care of editing, color grading, sound design and special effects. During this phase, you will receive regular insights into the ongoing process in order to effectively communicate feedback and change requests.


6. Handover

Depending on the coordination, we can provide you with the finished production in all desired formats. This means it can be used directly on your website, in social media or even in the cinema and on TV. In terms of effective film distribution, we are happy to support you in the organization and coordination of suitable channels and broadcast times.