What is a documentary film?

A documentary is a film format that attempts to depict reality. In other words, it shows real situations, people and actions that are currently happening or have happened in the past. But a documentary is not just about setting up a camera and letting it run. The production of a documentary usually involves intensive research into people, events and places, as well as long-term monitoring by a film crew. Documentaries are intended to show worlds and people that would otherwise have remained hidden or unknown to viewers. They can be dramatic, horrific, humorous, and most importantly, help us better understand the world.

What is the purpose of a documentary film?

Life itself writes the best stories. For this reason, the documentary film is an absolutely timeless film genre with a high potential for any marketing strategy. Documentaries are great for honest and authentic communication. It is true that documentaries are accompanied by editorial staff in order to provide an entertaining as well as exciting dramaturgy. But at the end of the day, they depict reality. And that creates one thing above all for the target group: trust.

What does a documentary film cost?

There are no limits to the type and scope of documentary films that can be produced. Therefore, without a more detailed concept, it is unserious to name blanket prices. The running time is rarely the most important criterion, but the effort of the production itself. Above all, the type and scope of the story to be told, as well as the number of film locations and actors are decisive factors. If you are planning a documentary film, then simply contact us. We will offer you individual ideas and concepts with the corresponding individual offers completely without obligation.

How do our projects proceed?


1. Creative conception

Knowing your goals and target groups, we design up to three creative concept proposals for your documentary, which we present and discuss in a joint meeting. Afterwards, you have the free choice to decide on a concept approach.


2. Fine conception & storyboard

Once you have decided on one of our concept approaches, we move on to the detailed conception. This means that the story, text, image design and style are worked out in detail with your specifications and recorded in a script.


3. Pre-production

In pre-production, the research, organization and detailed planning of your documentary takes place. We research facts, backgrounds, events, film locations as well as actors and other persons necessary for the concept. The results of the work are presented to you in regular meetings (pre-production meetings) for discussion and approval.


4. Production

In the fourth phase, the actual filming takes place. Here, we usually rely on our permanently employed film team to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of time and budget. If desired, you can participate in the corresponding shooting days.


5. Post-production

Once shooting is complete, the film is digitally edited according to the storyboard. Editing, color grading, special effects and sound design are also realized in-house by our permanent team. During this phase, you will receive regular insights into the ongoing process in order to effectively communicate feedback and change requests.


6. Handover

Depending on the coordination, we can provide you with the finished production in all desired formats. This means it can be used directly on your website, in social media or even in the cinema and on TV. In terms of effective film distribution, we are happy to support you in the organization and coordination of suitable channels and broadcast times.