Image Film

Image Film

What is an image film?

An image film (also called corporate video or corporate film) portrays a company or a brand. This type of film is not about promoting a specific product, but about giving the target group a look behind the scenes of the company. Furthermore, it is about communicating certain values and a corporate philosophy to potential or existing customers. Today, modern image films must do more than simply state facts. A contemporary image film must arouse emotions, tell an exciting story and entertain the target group. This is the only way to ensure that important information about your company remains in the minds of your target group. And only in this way can you successfully stand out from the competition. To achieve these advantages for you, we as a film agency intensively deal with your company in order to stage it professionally and excitingly.

What is the purpose of an image film??

You should regularly update your image film with the latest content and technology. After all, it reflects the current state of your company and thus represents an important part of your corporate identity. A good time for such a film production is therefore when your company has been significantly restructured or expanded, for example. This is where our agency can come into play for the film. Or if you want to completely reorganize your marketing and communicate yourself to the outside world in a new way. Such a situation is also suitable for an image film for your company. A common reason is also when there is an anniversary to celebrate. Or if your company has just been founded. And why do you need an image film at all? Because studies show that 95% of all consumers remember facts about a company better when they see them in a video. This figure speaks undoubtedly for an image film. Only 10% remember texts better. And: 71% of all website visitors spend more time on the homepage if an image film is included. So there are many arguments in favor of the image film.

What does an image film cost?

As individual as your company is, so is your image film. Without a more detailed concept for your image film, it is therefore impossible to quote a serious price in advance. It is important to us that your image film production is realized individually and uniquely. Unfortunately, we do not offer fixed prices. So if you are planning such a project, just contact us. We offer you individual ideas and concepts with the corresponding individual offers completely without obligation.

How do our projects proceed?


1. Creative conception

For each film we work closely with our clients. The most important basis is the communication goals as well as the defined target group, which is to be addressed by the image film. As soon as we have this information by means of a detailed briefing, our team develops up to three creative concepts within the framework of a suitable film strategy. We will present these ideas to you in detail in a joint meeting. Afterwards you can decide for your company which concept fits best to the brand or the product.


2. Fine conception & storyboard

Once you have decided on a concept, the fine conception begins. This means that your film is conceptualized in detail in terms of story, text, camera work, animation, music, image design and style. For image films we usually create a written script or screenplay. If desired, our graphic designers can also create a detailed storyboard as the basis for the entire film production.


3. Pre-production

In pre-production, the organization and detailed planning of your image film production takes place. We research suitable studios and locations, as well as suitable actors and actresses (often these can also be your own employees), procure props and costumes and commission external service providers within the agreed budget. In regular pre-production meetings (PPM), we transparently provide you with the results of our work for the respective approval.


4. Production

In this step, the filming of your image film takes place and the concept is now brought to life. We usually work together with our permanent film team to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of time and cost. If you wish, you can participate in the corresponding shooting days.


5. Post-production

After the shoot is completed, the image film is digitally edited according to the script or storyboard. Editing, color grading, animation, special effects, music and sound design are also realized in-house by our permanent team. During this phase, you will receive regular insights into the ongoing process in order to effectively communicate feedback and change requests.


6. Handover

Depending on the agreement, we can provide you with the finished production in all desired formats. This means it can be used directly on your website, in social media or even in the cinema and TV. In terms of effective film distribution, we are happy to support you in organizing and coordinating suitable channels and broadcast times.