Film production process

A strategy is a long-term plan for achieving a goal.

Those who act strategically are also succesful in the long term. Not only Caesar and Napoleon understood this, but also the largest companies in the world.
So, before we start thinking about your commercial, we first take two steps back and work with you to develop a suitable strategy for achieving your goals.


1. Situation Analysis

First, we look at your company, your brand and your products. We want to find out how you are already positioned in the market, who your customers are and how you differ from your competitors. In order for us to conceptualize a suitable strategy for your commercial, we, as a film agency, have to understand what makes your brand special and what it is that sets it apart from others.


2. Defining Goals

Who do you want to address? What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be seen? These and many other questions need to be clarified in order to define your goals, which we ultimately want to achieve together.


3. Strategy Development

Once all the information has been gathered and goals have been defined, we start developing a long-term strategy. That doesn’t just include the creative conception of the commercial, but also its long-term placement and distribution on all channels and platforms conceivable for your marketing purposes, such as TV, cinema, social media as well as digital-out-of-home.


4. Implementation, support and distribution

After the strategy development is completed, the actual film production starts. In parallel, we also organize and supervise the implementation of all further strategic details. After the completion of your commercial, target group-specific film distribution takes place via our network on the pre-defined channels and platforms.

Film Distribution
Very few commercials go viral like cat videos. We organize the right channels for you to reach your target audience effectively.
Film Production
No matter what your communication goal is, there is always a commercial that fits it. And we produce it.