Explainer film

Explainer film

What is an explanatory film?

An explanatory film (or explanatory video) gives you the opportunity to make complicated content understandable for your customers with the help of audiovisual communication. This is called infotainment or edutainment (education + entertainment). The vast majority of explainer videos are animated and visualized with drawn graphics. However, there are also many other possible styles to make a subject professionally clear. Compared to all other marketing tools, explainer videos have a decisive advantage: they can be used to explain business models, ideas and processes that are hardly visible or difficult to imagine in reality. Therefore, explainer videos are suitable, for example, in the educational sector, for internal communication, but also for sales. However, it is important not to always use the same comic style or narrative style as everyone else. Indeed, modern explainer videos stand out with interesting storytelling, as well as individual graphics and animations.

What is the purpose of an explainer film?

The right time for an explainer film is when you have a product (usually software) or business model that requires explanation. Due to the decreased attention span of many consumers, who jump from post to post on social media, for example, long texts and brochures are rarely suitable for conveying complex information to the target group. According to studies, this is much more successful with an explainer video. Thus, 97% of all companies think that an explainer video makes their own business easier to understand. 95% of all consumers prefer to watch an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. And 95% of all consumers also remember statements about a company better when they see them in a video. Only 10% remember texts better than a film.

What does an explainer video cost?

Explainer videos can be created in an incredibly diverse, individual and creative way. Since we don’t offer any scheme F concepts, but individual productions, it is impossible to give a serious price in advance without a more detailed concept. If you are planning an explainer video, then simply contact us. As an agency for explainer videos, we offer you individual concept ideas with the corresponding offers completely without obligation.

How do our projects proceed?


1. Creative conception

Based on a previous definition of your communication goals and target groups, we develop up to three creative concepts for your explainer film in the first step. It is important to us as an agency to combine your product or your business model with an interesting storytelling. In a joint meeting, we present these ideas and advise you on the details of your project. You then have the opportunity to choose, without obligation, which concept best suits your company and your target group.


2. Fine conception & storyboard

Once you have decided on a concept, the fine conception begins. This means that your film is conceptualized in detail in terms of story, text, graphic style, animation, music, image design and stylistics. For explainer videos, our graphic designers create a detailed storyboard as the basis for your project.


3. Graphic

In accordance with the concept and your corporate identity, we now create the graphic elements of the explainer video. You will get insight into the ongoing process at any time in order to communicate feedback and change requests on a regular basis.


4. Speaker

The voice-over takes up an important part of the explainer video. In line with the concept, we offer you as an agency several choices of voice-over artists to select the perfect voice for your explainer film.


5. Post-production

After the creation of the graphics, the explainer video is animated according to the storyboard and completed with sounds and music. This step of the production is done exclusively in-house with our permanent team to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of time and cost.


6. Handover

Depending on the agreement, we can provide you with the completed explainer video in all desired formats. Whether for publication on your own website, in social media channels (e.g. YouTube) or on the intranet. In terms of effective film distribution, we are happy to support you in organizing and coordinating suitable channels and broadcast times.