Lorenz Troll


Media biography

A telephone and the possibility to call all people on one topic. That already fascinated me during my FSJ in radio. Interviews, moderation, building contributions, daily topics, editing and the fascination for radio features and social topics that continues to this day.

I couldn’t have Googled the rest. Chance stretches mightily and nudges me to Zurich. Zurich University of the Arts, a wonderful degree program dedicated primarily to storytelling on the web and how compact stories and online formats are produced. So with the CAST / Audiovisual Media degree program, the images came along. Packaged in compact stories as videos, animations, cross-media productions.

Short and compact then became long.

I left the Alpine Republic and joined Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion Berlin. This is where the feature documentaries were made – the big cutlery. An internationally networked film production that put the tools of project coordination and conceptual thinking in my toolbox.

Out of Berlin, back to where the journey began: Happy in the tariff area Halle / Leipzig.