About us

SONS was born on Valentine’s Day 2014.

Back then, the love of film brought together a small, young bunch of passionate filmmakers. Today, our 45-strong film family forms the largest film agency in Central Germany, consisting of permanent artists and talents from all areas of film production. This competitive advantage enables us to realise demanding film projects for you more flexibly, cost-efficiently and in a consistently high quality.

But just knowing the film craft is not enough for us. We also know that your investment must be economically worthwhile. For this reason, we develop long-term strategies and distribution options for your project in order to reach your target group effectively. We are also happy to take on the planning and placement in TV, cinema or social media.

Our productions are broadcast nationally as well as internationally and have been awarded a total of 55 film prizes as well as the rating “particularly valuable”. Our film family stands for honest communication, a long-term partnership and a sustainable film industry, so that we not only achieve your goals, but exceed them.

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Ines Göbel Assistant Director & Director & Director

Roman Rögner CEO & Director

Florian Arndt CEO & Director

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Markus Simon Producer & CEO & Producer

Katja Seifert Producer & Producer

Michelle Hartwig Production Assistant

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Line Production

Vanessa Kuhfs Line Producer Graphics & Animation

Simon Buchholz Line Producer

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Karl Pompe Creative Director

Arvid Neid Creative Director

Fabian Menzel Creative Director

Karl Kubik Creative Director

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Project Management

Dina Löchel Producer & Producer

Paul Siegling Producer & Producer

Emma Schling­mann Producer

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Willy Zisler Gaffer

Marius Richter 1st AD

Lukas Fritzsch Cinematographer

Robert Müller Cinematographer

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Susanne Masuch Colorist & Editor

Johannes Brück Assistant Editor

Laura Münzner Editor & Editor

Henning Schmidt Editor

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Ronny Labotzke Motion Designer

Björn Renner Creative Director

Victoria Creutzburg Graphic Designer

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Bernhard Leibelt 2D-Animator

Hannes Hofmann 2D-Animator

Matthias Weiner VFX Supervisor

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Julian Bella Composer & Sound Designer

Sebastian Gabriel Composer & Sound Designer

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Set Design

Sven Nahrstedt Construction Coordinator

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