Tilmann Drechsel


Media Biography

“So, I work in film, but I’m not on TV. I kind of do anything that moves but isn’t filmed on camera.” My aunt smiles at me in exasperation. She still doesn’t know what I do for a living. At the next family gathering, she’ll ask me again.

It should be a little easier for you guys to understand: I animate graphics. Breathe life into cute little characters or big scary ones. I started doing this when I got my first digicam at the age of 12 and I’m still doing it now.
After graduating from high school, I did an apprenticeship as a media designer for image and sound and worked in television for a year.

The longing for new, creative challenges and for a well-coordinated team finally brought me to SONS.

And so here I am, pushing pixels and keyframes, fighting After Effects error messages and always on the search for the perfect logo size.