Stefanie Peschel


Media biography

As a native of Thuringia, I spent my growing-up years in my hometown of Munich – I had absolutely nothing to do with film and certainly nothing to do with Leipzig.
I spent my first professional years making a career at SATURN and later at MEDIA-SATURN. After 10 years, however, it was high time for a change of scenery and that meant: out of Munich, out of Bavaria, out of Germany! 😁
So I took some time off, walked two St. James routes, got my motorcycle license and spent months backpacking through Southeast Asia and traveling through parts of Southern Europe.
Upon my return, I decided to study communication and media studies in my late 20s, which eventually led me to Leipzig.
During my penultimate semester in 2017, I met Florian and the SONS when he gave a talk at MTP, where I was a board member at the time.
When Florian walked through the door, I chatted him up á la “Oh, and you’re the Prakti, or what?” 😅
I did study something with media, but my original plan after graduation was completely different: I went into traditional sales.
Corona came along and my outside sales became 100% inside sales in a home office.
As fate would have it, an offer from a local TV station came flooding in, which I welcomed with open arms, as I wanted to work with a team again – far away from the home office dreariness.
On behalf of the station, I stood at the red carpet of the Leipzig Opera Ball one day and was allowed to step in as an editor (although I was actually a media consultant).
I interviewed Leipzig’s celebrities and strolled through the chic halls of the opera, after 4 years, straight into Florian’s arms.
Two years have passed since then and I can now say….
I am the new producer at SONS and the once supposed intern is now my boss.