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Professional Film Production in Erfurt, Jena, Weimar & Surroundings (Thuringia)

We are a film production company from Saxony, Leipzig. However, our young team also works throughout Germany, as well as in other European countries. We also send our creative heads to meet you in Jena, Weimar, Erfurt or in other cities of Thuringia. On-site we can realise numerous projects in close cooperation with you. Whether image films, commercials, tutorials or product videos – we are by your side with words and deeds.

Our team not only supports you with creative concepts and ideas, but also offers professional advice so that you can implement your projects in the best possible way. It is important to us to advice and support you, as we attach great importance to individuality and quality. Therefore, we would like to support you with our expertise in the implementation of your wishful thinking. We can then realise your wishes with the help of state-of-the-art technical equipment. We can also provide you with first-class equipment, from drones to a 4K cinema cam.

We at Sons Of Motion Pictures would like to create high-quality video and film productions as part of our collaboration, so that we can start a long-term cooperation with you for future productions.

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The medium of the film already exists for more than 100 years. Here, moving images can be used to focus on content and individually tailored scene. It can be used to reach the desired target group in order to achieve the desired effect. It offers many benefits for a company or individual.

With film or video productions, you can put your brand or company in a favourable light. It is possible because emotions can be evoked in the medium of the film, which is not possible in literature. This provides a great way to reach consumers.

As a partner, we can assist you with a professional and high-quality implementation from the first idea sketch to the final product.


A professionally created commercial is perfect for you, if you want to display a product, service or company in public areas such as cinema or television.

We develop a concept according to your specifications in order to make your commercial a convincing argument for potential customers. We rely on attractive content and very good quality, so that in the end a welcoming advertising film is created.


Tutorials are a great support for presenting demanding topics and ideas to potential customers. Using the cinematic medium, complex processes can be staged visually and thus explained in a simplified way. We rely on the use of animations or graphics. Instead of overloading the customer with information, everything is clearly presented to them. That way the videos are not overloaded with content and overwhelm the viewer. Therefore we recommend a length of about 30 seconds to a maximum of three minutes.

For such a project, we help and provide you with the texting, conceptual design and animation of each element to produce an effective tutorial in the end.

Documentary Film

Documentaries and their many variations have long been an important part of ​​the film industry. Therefore we would like to help you with the realisation of such a project. The focus of our documentary films is particularly on the transmission of emotions, while preserving the authenticity of the film. With the camera, we follow your experiences and your reality in order to present them in a representative staging.

Image Film

If your goal is to make a brand, product, or company known to potential customers and build a positive image, then an image film is a great way to achieve this. Through an image film the content presented to the customer stays better in the memory.

We work with a mix of advertising and portrait. Integrated into this are the most importantinformation and at the same time as many emotions as possible. In this regard, we also advise to a length of not more than two to three minutes. Otherwise the viewer could lose interest.

While working on image films we use a combination of real-image recordings and animations, which are restrained to make the film look fresh and modern. We prepare a suitable concept for you in order to be able to present a convincing product in the end.


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