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Professional Film Production in Kiel, Flensburg, Lübeck & Co. (Schleswig-Holstein)

Our company has its main location in Leipzig. However, we are a committed young team that does its creative work throughout Germany and also in other European countries. We are happy to come to Schleswig-Holstein as well. We travel to Kiel, Flensburg, Lübeck or another city in Schleswig-Holstein to support you in your project and discuss your ideas with you to develop innovative concepts. Our offer ranges from image films and documentaries to commercials, tutorials and product videos.

Next to the drafting of concepts we also offer a competent consultation. It is important to us that your project can be implemented individually and with high quality. We offer you our knowledge in this field as support. In addition, we can also present you the latest technology. Our offer includes, for example, a 4K Cinema-Cam or the new drone technology.

Through our efficient equipment, attached with a lot of engagement, we at Sons Of Motion Pictures strive to provide you with compelling film and video productions. Like this we can create the foundation for further collaboration.

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The medium of the film is already over one hundred years successful. The film as a moving image can compress and reproduce content and emotions like no other medium. Our films are individually adapted to the desired target group according to your needs so that you as a company or individual person can benefit from it as much as possible.

The moving image can be used optimally to present a brand, a product or a company as desired and to address as many potential customers as possible. We can support you as an experienced partner and accompany you on the way until your product is finished.


To place a product, service or company well on the market, a professional commercial can be very helpful. The commercial presents you on public platforms such as cinema or television and can thereby acquire new customers.

For this purpose, we can work out a concept that appeals to customers and convinces them. We focus particularly on the attractiveness and the high-quality presentation of the content so that you can finally hold a good advertising film in your hands.


Tutorials can be very attractive to potential customers. They are able to present difficult topics in an appealing and comprehensible way. This is possible because the medium of film can work with visual representations of processes and other things in order to make them more visible to the customer.

We prefer to use animations or graphics in the preparation of your tutorial to present everything in a condensed way to the viewer. In this sense, we also recommend videos that are only 30 seconds to a maximum of three minutes long. An excess of information would be an obstacle to the concept of a tutorial, because the viewer can be quickly bored.

For the realisation of your tutorial, we provide our services in texting as well as in the conception and animation of the various elements.

Documentary Film

The documentation has been very significant in the film industry for many years. We are happy to assist you with our experience in such a project. We recommend focusing on generating the desired emotions without appearing untrustworthy. An authentic representation is also very important to create a pleasant impression. We like to capture your surroundings with our camera, and then present them in a documentary film in a representative way.

Image Film

With an image film you can introduce your company, a brand or a product to potential customers. With our concepts, which are a mix of advertising and portraiture, we can convey the essential information to viewers while working with emotions as much as possible. As a result, these image films can leave a stronger impression than, for example, an ordinary text. That's another reason why we work with relatively short films of two to three minutes.

In our image films, we often use a combination of real-image recordings and simple animation to appeal to the audience aesthetically. With all these components, we work towards a high quality final product for you.


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