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Professional Film Production in Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz & Co. (Saxony)

The head office of Sons Of Motion Pictures is located in Leipzig. But this does not mean that we are only active in Saxony. To help you with the video or film production, we leave the city of Leipzig behind us and travel throughout Germany and other European countries. So whether you are in Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz or any other part of Saxony, we are happy to come to you and work with you to produce a film or video. It is particularly important to us to get in touch with you personally, so that your ideas are implemented in a dynamic, interactive creative process and you get the ideal commercial, image film, documentary film or tutorial.

You get more than just a young team with creative minds. We also convince with professional advice and the use of the latest technology to implement your ideas as accurately as possible. We pay attention to a high quality of our video and film productions, so that you can really be completely satisfied. Because that is the only way we can lay the foundation for a long-standing partnership with you, from which everyone can benefit.

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Anyone who wants to attract attention these days has to prove themselves in the wide media world. The media world is becoming more diverse and is constantly evolving. Because of that videos and films have become increasingly important in recent years. This increase in importance is additionally promoted by the Internet. With the World Wide Web, video platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Popular websites like YouTube and Vimeo could soon also display your videos and movies.

For this to succeed, you can contact the Sons Of Motion Pictures team. Thanks to our many years of expertise and technical equipment, we can ensure that you will find your way into the media world. Mainly we take care of the realisation of commercials, image films and tutorials.


Through different channels (TV, cinema, internet platforms) commercials can reach certain target groups. This requires nothing more than a well thought-out concept and attractive content. In order for this production to work effectively, we support you with our expertise. Only with a commercial that meets the highest quality standards of the customers and individually addresses the target groups, you can be sure that you are really heard. That's what we from Sons Of Motion Pictures stand for.


Within three minutes, complicated issues are conveyed in a way that makes them easier to understand and process. This increases the likelihood that customers will find easier access to a product. To make this possible, our tutorials are supported with graphics, animations and suitable texts in visual and acoustic form.

We will gladly help you to set up and implement the right concept for your tutorial. We pay attention to an attractive preparation of the material. In co-operation with experienced graphic artists we guarantee you that appropriate animations and graphics are created and implemented in your tutorial. You can also count on us to choose the right speaker and the ideal background music. In cooperation with you, we want to meet your needs and your requirements and thus produce the optimal tutorial for you.

Documentary Film

Documentary films are indispensable in the media world. That's why we at Sons Of Motion Pictures are also dedicating ourselves to this popular genre. A modern design, the presentation of many emotions and the authenticity of the documentation are the focus of our production. We focus on producing a unique, modern and authentic documentary for you.

Image Film

You can make a positive and, above all, lasting impression on potential customers by investing in an image film. You can present your company and your values, which enables a better bond between the customer and your company. The length of an image film should not be longer than three minutes, so that the attention span of the customer is not exhausted. In order to be able to accommodate all necessary information in this short time, we are happy to help you with the realisation.

With the help of animations, your employees or extras the content that is important to you can be communicated. We always pay attention to a high quality, which will present you and your company in an optimal light. In the dynamic and cooperative creative process, an expressive and individual image film can be created.


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