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Although the head office of Sons Of Motion Pictures is in Leipzig, we are not afraid to leave the beautiful Saxony behind to work with you. So we are ready to visit you all over Germany or even in other European countries in order to produce a high-quality film together with you. It does not matter if you are based in Saarbrücken or another city in the Saarland. In addition to a young, creative team, Sons Of Motion Pictures is distinguished by attaching great importance to close and active contact with customers. In any case, we are committed to an excellent realisation of desired commercials, image films, tutorials and documentary films.

Not only creativity awaits you. Instead, we support you and offer you professional advice and the most accurate implementation of your ideas. We can guarantee that we work with high expertise and also with modern technology. That way every production becomes an optimal and unique result with an excellent quality. Thus, we want to be a long-time partner you can rely on.

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Film and video productions are nowadays an important part in our social life. We encounter them everywhere. Whether on TV, in cinemas or on the internet. Video platforms in particular are a major market in information distribution and advertising. These platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo continue to reinforce the prominence of films and videos.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies and freelancers discover this medium for themselves. The demand for a cinematic preparation of information about one's own company, a product, a person or certain work processes increases. We at Sons Of Motion Pictures are the perfect experienced partner for you in this area. Above all, we realise commercials, image films and tutorials.


With the help of a commercial you can reach your target group through different channels (TV, cinema, internet platforms). A suitable concept with attractively designed information is particularly important. That is the only way your advertising spot will stay in the memory and potential customers can be convinced by your offer.

When producing your commercial, it is particularly important that we make your vision come true. The numerous experiences from previous, successful projects help us to include all your ideas and wishes. We also guarantee you a high quality. Ultimately, we want to produce an ideal, individual commercial for you that will satisfy you and be appealing to your customers.


Tutorials are intended to illustrate complicated facts in a simple way. With the help of animations, graphics and coordinated text content can be made easier to understand and an easier access to the product can be made possible.

We attach great importance to appealing and effective tutorials that provide the information as clearly as possible and convey it. For this to succeed, we work with experienced graphic artists who create animations and graphics. Choosing the right speaker and background music are just as important. Therefore, we support you in every step of the production process, so that the tutorial meets your expectations and implements what you hoped for.

Documentary Film

Documentary films are an indispensable tool for preparing and conveying information content in an appealing and accessible way. That's why we at Sons Of Motion Pictures are also engaged with the aspects of a documentary. We focus on an individual, authentic and modern film that meets your needs. With a modern look and a lot of emotions, we want to reproduce a picture of reality that is as authentic as possible.

Image Film

An image film offers a helpful way to create customer loyalty. It can strengthen the bond between the customer and a company, a product or a brand. With such an image film you can introduce your company and present its values. In this way, you are guaranteed to leave a positive impression and stay in the memory of the viewer. It should be noted that an image film should not be longer than three minutes.

That way you can convey the most important aspects and information within a very short time. We will assist you and help you to produce a high-quality image film. With the help of animations, your employees or extras, the information can be brought closer to the customer in a lively and appealing way. This gives you an individual and character-strong image film. It is particularly important to us that you are satisfied. That is why we want to implement all your requirements.

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