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We from Sons Of Motion Pictures are a young, creative team with headquarters in Leipzig. Nevertheless, we do also offer co-operations with customers throughout Germany or even Europe. Close contact with our customers is important to us. That way the ideal result can be developed and realised in a dynamic creative process. That's why we find our way to Mainz, Coblenz, Ludwigshafen and every other region in Rhineland-Palatinate. Nothing stands in the way of an optimal cooperation. It does not matter if you are interested in the realisation of a commercial, tutorial, image film or documentary – we can deal with any challenge that has anything to do with film production.

We offer you more than just creativity. Through close cooperation with our customers, we can guarantee the most accurate implementation of your ideas. We also guarantee you high quality products. With our expertise and high-quality equipment you will be able to expect excellent quality of our productions. We are committed to the optimal implementation of your ideas. We promise that you can find a reliable partner in us.

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The Internet is getting more and more important in society. That is why it is important for you to enter this market. Film and video productions no longer only encounter television or cinema, but are also omnipresent in the expanses of the World Wide Web. As reach grows with the use of the Internet, more and more businesses and freelancers are thinking about using popular video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. In this way, the company, work processes or individual persons can be ideally staged and seen.

For this to succeed, we at Sons Of Motion Pictures are committed to support you to produce videos and films so you can present yourself in a positive way. We make sure that you and your products stay in the memory of your potential customers. Our main services are the production of commercials, image films and tutorials.


With a commercial, you can target specific audiences. This can be done through different channels (TV, cinema, Internet platforms), so you get the widest possible range. On the basis of a suitable concept and an attractive content, your company, product or brand will definitely stay in mind.

That's why Sons Of Motion Pictures sticks to your guidelines to target the audiences you care about. We support your ideas with our own knowledge and know-how in the areas of video and film production. Thus, you receive excellent support for a project that will be guaranteed to be of high quality.


You want to explain complex issues and make sure that they are easy accessible for your customers? This is not a problem with the help of a tutorial! Within a maximum of three minutes, complicated things are broken down and made comprehensible. This is possible with animations and graphics produced by experienced graphic artists. We also make sure that you find the right background music and the optimal speaker for your tutorial. So the tutorial is matched to you in every detail.

Documentary Film

Documentaries have become an integral part of the film industry. They are enjoying a great popularity and even film festivals are honouring the best documentary films. We at Sons Of Motion Pictures also produce a documentary on request. We pay particular attention to a modern look and the adherence of many emotions. It is particularly important to us that the documentary is authentic and that it truly reflects reality. In producing such documentations, we focus on a unique, modern and authentic result that meets your needs.

Image Film

An image film can serve to provide a loyal bond between the customer and your brand or product. For this, the company and its values ​​can be presented in an image film, so that you can leave a lasting positive impression. The length depends on the information content that you want to convey. However, it is advisable that three minutes should not be exceeded, so that the receptiveness of the customers is maintained. With the help of animations, your own staff or extras, the image film can convey the desired information in a lively way. We support you comprehensively and are only satisfied with the result when you are satisfied too.


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