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If you are looking for a young, open-minded, motivated and yet experienced team for the realisation of your film projects, you have found in Sons Of Motion Pictures the ideal partner! Although our head office is in Leipzig, this does not stop us from coming to Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen or any other city in North Rhine-Westphalia. On site, we can then discuss your film production. No matter if you need a commercial, a tutorial, a documentary or an image film – we have already successfully completed numerous projects so that you can rely on our expert advice. We attach great importance to individuality and quality in our work. In order to meet both your and our requirements in this regard, we can access state-of-the-art technical aids such as a drone or a 4K camera.

The goal of our work is to work to the utmost satisfaction of our customers so that, as far as possible, our cooperation continues in a long-lasting partnership.

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Because the world is increasingly fast-moving and digital, advertising in the form of ads is usually no longer enough. More and more companies advertise with films and videos, so that the content can be conveyed more vividly and the company can leave a lasting impression.

We enable you to produce high-quality films for every occasion. With our experience, we stand professionally by your side.


If you want to promote your service, one of your products or your company through various channels such as cinema and television or on the Internet, a professionally produced commercial is the perfect medium for you. In order that your company is kept in mind and to win potential customers over for your offer, we will create a concept for you that will convince you with an appealing and modern content.

In the production of your unique advertising film, of course, we adhere to your specifications and work to the highest quality standards to achieve a modern and high-quality advertising film.


Tutorials reduce the complexity of certain facts of your company and bring them closer to the customer. In no more than three minutes, the products or work steps should be conveyed using graphics, animations, and written or linguistic text elements.

We help you to produce a professional tutorial with trained graphic designers, the right speaker and suitable background music. In close cooperation with you, an individual result can be created that fully meets your expectations.

Documentary Film

Documentation has been an important part of the film industry and will continue to be relevant in the future. The aim of a documentary is to capture as many emotions as possible and present them authentically. A documentary film should therefore represent the reality of the events and touch the viewer on an emotional level.

We produce our documentary films according to the highest quality standards, so that we can guarantee you a modern and individual result.

Image Film

An image film gives your company a profile and helps customers to get a better picture of you and your company. The film gives customers behind-the-scenes insights, increasing customer loyalty to your product or brand.

In order to receive a high-quality image film, we support you during the entire production. We make sure that your ideas and wishes are implemented in the best possible way.


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