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Sons Of Motion Pictures is a young and creative team with its headquarters in Leipzig. Nevertheless, we work for customers throughout Germany and also in other European countries. We would also like to come to Berlin to work with you to realise projects such as commercials, image films, tutorials and product videos.

We can convince not only with creativity but also with professional advice based on our experience through numerous successful projects. For each individual project, we attach great importance to quality and individuality. In our work we focus on implementing your wishes as exactly as possible. We have not only extensive expertise, but also our state-of-the-art technical equipment – from the drone to a crane to the 4K Cinema-Cam – with those that we can guarantee a first-class quality of your film or video production.

The goal of our cooperation with you is to work to your fullest satisfaction, so that on this basis we can create a lasting partnership for your future productions.

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With moving images, it's possible to showcase almost any content tailored to a specific audience. Many companies and individuals have already benefited from this insight. If today a brand or a company is to be established with consumers, a film or video production represents an optimal possibility for this. With moving pictures contrary to the spoken and written word emotions can be provoked faster.

That everything runs smoothly from the first idea until the professional implementation, you need a strong and competent partner like Sons Of Motion Pictures. We will be by your side for various film productions.


For a target-orientated marketing of a service, a product or your company through various channels such as cinema and television or via the Internet, a professional commercial is the best option. Proper design combined with responsive and modern content will keep your unique commercial in the memory of the viewer and convince potential customers of your offer.

When producing your unique advertising film, of course, we strictly adhere to your specifications and the highest quality standards in order to create a modern and high-quality commercial.


When it comes to complicated issues, they can be clearly communicated to your customers using tutorials. Whether you want to illustrate how a product or a complex process works, a tutorial visually illustrates with animations and graphics what is meant. That the viewer is not annoyed by too much information or feels overwhelmed, the duration of a good tutorial should not exceed 30 seconds to three minutes.

In addition to texting, we also take care of the conception and animation of the various elements. We guarantee you a result that meets your expectations.

Documentary Film

In recent decades, documentaries have lost none of their popularity and will remain an important part of the film industry in the future. When producing your individual documentary, it is important to us to capture as many emotions as possible and to make the documentary as authentic as possible.

Our goal is to create a unique, modern and authentic movie to your complete satisfaction.

Image Film

An image film is the perfect way to introduce a brand, a product or a company and its values ​​to potential customers. The characteristics of advertising and portrait are combined in this kind of film production: The viewer receives all important information about the product, the brand or the company. At the same time, emotions are created and the viewer is involved in the topic of the film. In image films, real-time images are often combined with subtle animations to create a more modern look. To achieve the desired effect, a tutorial should have a duration of two to three minutes. Otherwise viewers can quickly get bored.

When producing your image film, you can count on us to create the right concept based on our experience. We will convince you and your customers with the end result of our work.


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