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Our Sons Of Motion Pictures headquarters are in Leipzig, but that does not stop us from traveling for our customers all over Germany and across borders. Whether in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Mannheim or any other city in Baden-Württemberg – we come to you. Close cooperation with our customers is our passion. It does not matter if you are interested in the realisation of commercials, image films, tutorials or documentary films – we face every challenge in order to achieve the optimal result for our customers.

We can offer you more than just creativity. With us you receive professional advice and the most exact implementation of your ideas. Not only do we have the necessary expertise, we also have the most advanced technology to ensure that each of our productions is of excellent quality. We want to be a long-term partner for you and work with you in close cooperation on more than one project.

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Nowadays film and video productions of any format are indispensable in the everyday life. Increasingly, films and videos are no longer seen only on television or in the cinema, but also on the internet. Video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo are encouraging this trend. They have a growing membership and growing traffic. Businesses and freelancers have also discovered the benefits of video and film productions.

For this reason, there is also an increasing demand to define their own company, a product, a person or a work process in a video for a special target group and to present it according to the intention. Sons Of Motion Pictures is your experienced partner when it comes to realising a video or film production. The main services consist of the creation of commercials, image films and tutorials.


A commercial makes it possible to reach the target group via different channels (TV, cinema, internet platforms). With the right concept and beautifully designed content, your ad will stay in the mind and convince potential customers of your offer.

We stick to your specifications in the production of your individual commercials and draw on experience from numerous successful projects. In our work, we adhere to the highest quality standards and the individual requirements of our customers.


Complex facts are conveyed to the viewer in no more than three minutes using descriptive tutorials. In order to provide the customer with easier access to the product, the relevant content is usually displayed in animated or visual form using animations, graphics and suitable text.

We are happy to assist you in producing a meaningful and appealing tutorial. Working with experienced graphic artists allows us to effectively use animations and graphics in videos. We also help you to choose the right speaker and background music. In close cooperation with you, a unique tutorial is created according to your requirements.


For decades, the popularity of documentaries has not decreased, and in the future documentaries will continue to be an important aspect of the film industry. In the production of documentary films it is important to us to give the film a modern look, to capture many emotions and at the same time to achieve the most authentic possible result. This is done by capturing the reality of the results and representing them appropriately. When producing your documentary, we focus on creating a unique, modern and authentic film that meets your needs.

Image Film

With the help of an image film, you can present your company and its values ​​to your customers with the aim of leaving a positive lasting impression. You can also achieve a corporate, brand or product loyalty. The length of an image film depends on the desired information content. But three minutes should normally not be exceeded. Embedded animations can convey the message more transparently.

We ensure that your image film is produced to the highest quality standards. Upon request, your own employees or extras and animations impart your individual image film a lively character. Because you as our customer have the highest priority, it is important to us to always satisfy you with our work.


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