From the Vision to the Final Product

Consultation during the First Conversation

Before the project starts, we clarify in a detailed conversation, which facts should be illustrated in your video. After you have communicated to us the intention of the video, we also advise you how your goal can best be achieved.

The Conception

On the basis of our agreements, we create several concepts with corresponding offers. Afterwards you can decide which concept you like best.


Once the conception phase has ended, the organisation begins. If necessary, we take care of the procurement of necessary utensils.

Production & Shooting

If real elements should be included in your tutorial, suitable scenes are shot during the production phase. Otherwise, the various elements are animated and the graphics and animations come alive.

Music & Speaker

In addition to the animations and graphics, acoustic elements are important. The right speaker gives a tutorial character, while music and sound effects provide the right atmosphere.


During post-production, the footage is sifted and cut if necessary. If needed, you can also make changes to the animations and add special effects.

The Approval

After the concept and possible correction requests have been implemented, we will provide you with the finished tutorial digital for a download. Depending on your choice, we provide you with our productions in every popular video format in Full HD quality.

Bild von Roman Rögner

Roman Rögner

Directory & Management

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Matthias Weiner

Visual Effects & Rendering

Bild von Björn Renner

Björn Renner

Graphic & Storyboard

Bild von Ronny Labotzke

Ronny Labotzke

Graphic & 2D

Bild von Klaudia Fischer

Klaudia Fischer

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Bernhard Leibelt

Bernhard Leibelt

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Amr Kamel

Amr Kamel

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Clara Mayerberger

Clara Mayerberger


Bild von Lukas Fritzsch

Lukas Fritzsch

Lighting Cameramann & Color Grading

Bild von Karl Kubik

Karl Kubik

Lighting Cameraman

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Florian Arndt

Directory & Management

Bild von Ines Göbel

Ines Göbel

Directory & Drone

Bild von Sebastian Gabriel

Sebastian Gabriel

Sound Design & Editing

Bild von Julian Bella

Julian Bella

Setsound & Sounddesign

Bild von Bente Ehrig

Bente Ehrig


Bild von Katja Seifert

Katja Seifert

Production Manager

Bild von Jenny Rehburg

Jenny Rehburg

Production Manager

Bild von Arvid Neid

Arvid Neid

Script & Concept

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Willy Zisler

Kamera- & Lichtsassistenz

Bild von Theresa Schwark

Theresa Schwark

Production Assistant & Disposition

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Steffen Schreiber

Mr. Cyberport

Bild von Loki


"Feel-Good" Manager & Film Dog

Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH

Our young team supports you professionally in the production of your illustrative tutorial but also in film projects such as commercials for TV and cinema, image films and documentary films. We have already gained extensive experience in numerous successful projects: Among the best-known productions are the various TV commercials of the online printing company Saxoprint as well as the two introductory productions of the 18th and 19th season of the KIKA youth series “Schloss Einstein”.

If you are looking for an experienced partner for film productions of any kind, you are welcome to contact us via our request form at any time. We cannot wait to be your professional partner!

Tutorial | Production | Costs | Creation


Tutorials are films in which a complex issue is visualised in a simple and understandable way. At first seemingly complicated processes or abstract concepts and products can be easily conveyed. As a rule, tutorials are around one to three minutes long. They should not exploit the subject matter, but rather point out relevant points. Characteristic feature is the storytelling, which is supported by multi-sensor technology. There are two kinds of tutorials: on the one hand, simple tutorials, mostly produced by amateurs, and on the other hand elaborate tutorials produced with great medial effort.

If you want to create a professional tutorial, our young and motivated Sons Of Motion Pictures team is your expert. We are also happy to assist you with other film productions.

Individual Production

We guarantee an individual production. Tutorials are tailored to your specifications. Working with us creates a unique product that perfectly represents your business.

Complete Support

From the first consultation over the production to the completion of your tutorial we offer a competent and complete support. Our goal is to take as much work as possible off your hands.

Highest Quality

With our technology of well-known manufacturers, we can always guarantee the highest quality for your project. Of course we always make the most out of your projects.

Creativity & Award Winning Experience

We are not only simple service providers, but also artists: in recent years, three of our films have been awarded with over 35 film awards, including the title “Especially Valuable” (german: “Besonders Wertvoll”).

Create a Professional and Descriptive Video

Many Internet users take less and less time to read through a text: only 20 percent of the customers read a text completely. Often, information is complicated and difficult to imagine the content described with your own imagination. The attention span has already dropped to a few seconds, which is why it makes sense to create a tutorial to convey complex facts. Another argument for tutorials is the fact that, according to a study, more than 90 percent of DAX companies now use this type of video for corporate communications. In 2017, video content accounted for more than 70 percent of total Internet traffic which means that tutorials are becoming increasingly important.

Since many purchase processes take place online, it is advisable for companies to adapt the communication to the customer. While the willingness to read a text is decreasing, online videos are becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is the decreasing attention span. Since a tutorial can be accessed at any time from any location (with internet connection), this is a clear advantage.

An explanatory video is more effective than traditional advertising media such as magazines, advertisements, billboard advertising and TV commercials, because the cost-benefit factor is better. The costs of a tutorial are comparable to that for print ads, but the success of the latter is hardly calculable. Even if in this case there is a wide dispersion, the target group can hardly be limited. In contrast, a tutorial can be used indefinitely online and the success is much easier to measure. Compared to a commercial, tutorials are no less professionally produced. In addition, TV commercials are often hardly affordable for medium-sized companies, since the broadcasting costs of established channels are often very expensive. You can reach a big audience on television, but again the success of a campaign can only be measured poorly.

If you have limited financial resources, a cleverly placed tutorial is usually much more effective, even when it comes to reaching a specific audience. It can be determined exactly how the video has a positive effect on the conversion rate. How many visitors actually become buyers can be calculated exactly. With a particularly well-executed tutorial, the social media presence can be extended if the videos are shared thousands of times and go viral. Therefore, it is advisable to publish a video not only on the own company page, but also on YouTube, so that it can be linked to other websites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

What is a Tutorial?

A tutorial is an animated film production that creatively presents a business, product, or process. The basic components of a tutorial are a professional speaker, high-quality graphics and impressive animations.

Writing Texts

Normally, a tutorial is based on a text. We are happy to help you finding the right words for your video and to writing the optimal text. Simply describe us what you want to express with the video. Then we process this information into an appropriate text.

The Conception

As soon as the text is completed, we take care of the visual design of your production. In a storyboard our creative ideas can be captured.

Individual Graphics

The graphics which make a tutorial unique are customisations according to your ideas and specifications. If your company has a corporate design, we incorporate it into the visual design of all graphics.

High Quality Animations

A specialised employee handles the animation of various graphics. In doing so, we focus on individual and production-adapted animation – pre-programmed templates from the internet are not an option for us!

The Right Speaker

Since only the right voice can communicate the content optimally, the choice of the speaker must be well considered. That's why we offer a variety of professional speakers – so you can make the best decision for your production.

What Exactly is Meant by a Tutorial?

The goal of a tutorial is to make content understandable by conveying the content in a concise visual form. If the viewer is to be brought closer to appealing information, one speaks of infotainment or edutainment (education + entertainment). Complicated topics, services and even products can be conveyed to the target group in just a few minutes in this entertaining form. Tutorials are not only used for external purposes in the online area, but also in schools or at trade fairs.

The story should be told within 30 seconds to three minutes because the interest of the viewer decreases with every additional minute and they may not watch the video until the end. Therefore, the focus should be on incorporating only relevant information and avoiding unimportant details. The interested viewer can additionally find more information on the website. Internal explanatory videos are for purposes within a company. They can, for example, be used for training and process optimisation or to reflect the company philosophy and contribute to personnel management.

If you want to create your tutorial by yourself, the cost of a corresponding software usually amounts to a maximum of 100 euros. On the other hand, if a professional company is to be commissioned, templates can be used. The price for this is less than for a video in which all animations have to be recreated. That means less work is required and it is cheaper. However, if the entire video is to be completely adapted to the company, the costs can range from 999 euros up to 10,000 euros.

The hours worked on the project are paid. This includes a two-hour meeting in which the ideas, wishes and opportunities are discussed. After that, the audience is analysed, a script is created, and a rough drawing is drafted. All of this takes about eight hours to complete. The text is then drafted in close cooperation with the customer. It takes six to eight hours to complete the final text. In the optical conception, a storyboard is created again in close cooperation with the customer. After the text and the concept is ready, the drawing of the graphics starts. It is strictly based on the colour specifications of the customer or the corporate design. The creation of the graphics can take up to 20 hours. It follows the animation, which brings the biggest work with it. Every minute of video takes an average of 20 to 30 hours. Further costs of at least 400 euros are estimated for sound, music and the speaker.

In a tutorial, various design elements can be used. For most videos, the context of the story is accompanied by text elements, but also graphics, music and speakers are often used. Based on the context, the viewer can establish a personal connection to the topic, which is why the content should be tailored exactly to the target group. The language used in an explanatory video is usually simple and eye-catching, so anyone can understand it. Concrete phrasing is as important as avoiding foreign words and nesting sentences so that the brain can quickly absorb and process the information. For this reason, commonly used formulations of colloquial language are often used.

To help customers understand why exactly this offer has a positive impact on their lives, an emotional story is important. Storytelling is helpful when it comes to establishing a connection between context and reality. A tutorial appeals to the audience emotionally and cognitively, i.e. on an emotional level with the aim of imparting knowledge.

An attractive look and especially the graphics are an important element, with which the interest of the viewer is aroused and maintained. In this context, it is important that the video is produced in Full HD with good sound quality. In the field of graphics, either complex characters or plain icons are possible. Particularly important relationships and key concepts are highlighted with colours, sounds and special animations – the highlights have to fit perfectly into the overall concept.

In addition to the graphics, the voice of the speaker is also an important element. For this you should consider the choice of a speaker precisely depending of your target group. According to this aspect, it is decided whether the speaker should be male or female. Sound effects are also an important stylistic device that entertains viewers. Music is another important design tool that decisively influences the strength of the desired emotion. However, it is important that the background music is not louder than the speaker and fits in with the context.

Basically, it is possible to create a tutorial by yourself: Required for this is a software in which pre-built animations are integrated. You can choose between different templates. However, these templates exclude a tutorial that captivates with individuality: in the worst case, a competitor uses the same graphics, animations and sounds. You should also keep in mind that creating it yourself costs a lot of time and nerves. So if you want to produce a professional tutorial, a cooperation with a professional agency or production company is highly recommended.

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