Florian Arndt
Director & CEO

Main Topics: Education. Citys. Religion
Preferred Style: Humor, Romance. Emotion.
Special Features: Great at handling kids and seniors

I've been shooting short films, commercials and music videos since I am 12 years old. After my graduation, my documentary debut “Testfahrer” (engl. “Test Driver”, 2012) surprisingly received 25 film awards and also was awarded the title "Especially Valuable" (german “Besonders Wertvoll”) by the German Film Rating Commission in Wiesbaden. In the meantime, I've made over 300 commercials, 7 short and 2 medium-length films.


  • Mindbreak Short feature film/2010/10Min.
  • Zahltag Short feature film/2011/25Min.
  • Testfahrer Documentary/2012/20Min.
  • Antons Experiment Short feature film/2015/2Min.
  • World Choir Games 2016 Sochi Documentary/2016/13Min.
  • Werwolf Documentary/2017/28Min.
  • Rollenspiele Short feature film/2019/11Min.
  • Fool Service Webserie/2019/8Min. Pilot
  • Schau in meine Welt Doc-Serie/2021/4 Episodes à 24Min. 
  • Mein Weg zu den Sternen Documentary/2022/90Min. (in Preproduktion)
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