Who we are

Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH

Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH

The international 25-member team of Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH consists of permanent employees, such as directors, camera men, editors, sound designers, authors, VFX artists, production and drone pilots. Our headquarters are located in Leipzig and a subsidiary is located in Coburg / Bavaria. Worldwide, the Sons produce film projects together with corresponding soundtracks for cinema, web and television. The focus is on the productions of company-oriented TV and cinema spots, prerolls, image films and documentaries and animations as well as ambitious in-house productions.

One of our productions “Testfahrer” won 25 film awards internationally and was awarded the title of “Particularly Valuable” (German: “Besonders Wertvoll”) by the German Film and Media Review (FBW). The Sons understand their work as a craft with a balance between art and commerce. Through their network of agencies, speakers and actors, they are optimally specialized as a film agency for professional film productions.

The Sons are producing regularly for well-known customers, such as Rotkäppchen-Mumm, BMW, Telekom, Cyberport, A & O Hotels, Myhammer & Saxoprint. Among the best known projects are the introductory productions of the 18th, 19th & 20th season of the KIKA youth series (German channel) “Schloss Einstein”.

Filmography and Own Productions

Mindbreak (Short feature film / 2010 / 10 minutes)
Zahltag [Payday] (Short feature film / 2011 / 25 minutes)
Testfahrer [Test Driver] (Documentary / 2012 / 20 minutes)
Antons Experiment [Anton’s Experiment] (Short feature film / 2015 / 2 minutes)
World Choir Games 2016 in Sochi (Documentary / 2016 / 13 minutes)
Werwolf [Werewolf] (Documentary / 2017 / 30 minutes)

Bild von Florian Arndt

Florian Arndt

Directory & Management

I've been shooting short films, commercials and music videos since I am 12 years old. After my graduation, my documentary debut “Testfahrer” (engl. “Test Driver”, 2012) surprisingly received 25 film awards and also was awarded the title "Especially Valuable" (german “Besonders Wertvoll”) by the German Film Rating Commission in Wiesbaden. In the meantime, I've made over 300 commercials, 7 short and 2 medium-length films.

Bild von Roman Rögner

Roman Rögner

Directory & Management

Already as a child I came into contact with the film business. At age 11 I was allowed to play a minor role in the KIKA children’s film “Kiss Me Frog“. I also performed in various roles in the school theatre. After graduation I worked for two years in the film and theatre industry, mostly as a director's assistant.
In addition, I realised my own film projects and then studied law in Leipzig. I remained loyal to the hobby "film and video production", which finally led to my current profession.

Bild von Ines Göbel

Ines Göbel

Directory & Drone

Since the age of six I play theatre. Soon I also played small roles in front of the camera. This is how my first set experiences occurred and I realised that I would like to work in this area later. I studied media technology with the direction of television at the University of Mittweida and already before graduating I completed various internships in the media industry.
During my studies I learned how to work with various cameras, editing and animation programs. Since university’s special emphasis is placed on practical work, I was already able to gather a lot of shooting and editing experience.

Bild von Lukas Fritzsch

Lukas Fritzsch

Lighting Cameramann & Color Grading

A television award, two Golden Globes, the German Film Prize, three Oscars, a golden camera, the Golden Bear a Golden Palm from Cannes – unfortunately I have not got any those awards.

Nevertheless, I have been with the Sons since 2014, as a cameraman or on the monitor for animations. In our films we show the real life and people. We explain things and tell stories, always with a high demand on our own work. With a sense for the image and my technical affinity, I was already able to work with creative teams during my studies. This resulted in reports and documentaries such as “Friendship Middle East”, “EXIT Germany” or “RIGHT home”, which won the Chemnitz Peace Prize in 2013.

Bild von Karl Kubik

Karl Kubik

Lighting Cameraman

Bild von Sebastian Gabriel

Sebastian Gabriel

Sound Design & Editing

About 20 years ago I started to make music with my former computer, a Commodore Amiga. After graduation I successfully finished my apprenticeship as an Audio Engineer at the SAE in Cologne. From there I finally moved via Munich to Thuringia and worked as a sound engineer in a small theatre. There I met Florian in 2008. Since then I am a permanent sound designer of the Picmention film team and compose the film music. I compose music especially for commercials and own short films and I also mix the sound.

Bild von Julian Bella

Julian Bella

Setsound & Sounddesign

The sound makes the music, in my case the movie. My biggest passion is music, which is why after a little social detour I turned my hobby into my job. Since April 2017 I am working for the Sons / Picmention. During the production as well as the post-production I am responsible for the sound.

Bild von Bente Ehrig

Bente Ehrig


From the cool north into the glittering film world of Leipzig's city: After a never-started career as a designer with a degree, I was finally accepted in the club of the beautiful and rich - behind the scenes. As a girl for everything I made myself a name and finally found my way in the office as an assistant to the producer and as a set-AL in film and television. I parked big cars and struggled with poor walkie-talkie reception. It was a crazy time!

Since 2017, I am in a good mood and ensure stress and order at the Sons. Privately I bake the best brandy brownies and my DVD collection is probably bigger than yours.

Bild von Katja Seifert

Katja Seifert

Production Manager

From the theatre to the movie. This sentence can probably best describe my life so far. I got my passion and fascination for the theatre back from school and started to study Theatre Studies at the University of Leipzig in 2010. During my bachelor studies I came across a film set for the first time. I was immediately enthusiastic about this world and have accompanied more and more film projects and completed various internships in the media industry. Since my internship at the Sons Of Motion Pictures, I support the team in the pre-production of shoots and on set as a Recording Manager.

Bild von Jenny Rehburg

Jenny Rehburg

Production Manager

At the tender age of 14, my cousin brought me into contact with the film industry for the first time. The first experiences on set and a (unfortunately only) two-week internship later, my decision was fixed: I want to work there. After graduating from high school, I trained as a media designer in television and sound.
After 3 years of television, it is time to shake up the film industry. At the Sons Of Motion Pictures and Picmention I can get what I wish for while completing an internship. Here I am, influenced by my love for to-do lists, in pre-production. But I also like to work on set as a recording manager for a good mood (and order of course). I'm looking forward to all upcoming projects which are waiting to be scheduled.

Bild von Matthias Weiner

Matthias Weiner

Visual Effects & Rendering

After seeing “Matrix” for the first time in 1999, I could not let go of the subject of special video effects. Even in my school days, I produced numerous short films focusing on post-production, but it was only after my training as a specialist in computer science that I turned my affinity for video and technology into a career. In addition, I make sure that the right equipment is ready for use on set and all the footage for upcoming VFX is suitable. My experience and programming skills always help me to turn unusual ideas into reality.

Bild von Arvid Neid

Arvid Neid

Script & Concept

In 2007, for the first time, I exhibited my art in schools and public institutions, followed by various commissioned work. Two years later I met Florian and started with my idea for the award-winning short film “Mindbreak”, the collaboration with the team of Sons Of Motion Pictures. Since then I have been a permanent part of the team as author, dramaturge and co-director. In 2010, I began studying art and education at the University of Erfurt and dared to take the step into self-employment as a freelance artist. During this time, “Testfahrer” was born, and with more than 25 film awards and the title "Especially Valuable" (german: “Besonders Wertvoll”) is our most successful short film so far.
In 2012 I changed my study subject and started to study Media Art and Design at the Bauhaus University Weimar.
In the following year, as part of the annual “backup festival” in Weimar, I began working with young people as a tutor for documentary filming. The final film was twice awarded in the context of media education competitions.
In the summer of 2016, I finished my studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar with the title “very good” and have since then been working in commercial and non-commercial fabric development for Sons of Motion Pictures.

Bild von Björn Renner

Björn Renner

Graphic & Storyboard

Already at a young age I brought life to white pages only with a pen or colour. Whether dinosaurs or fighter jets, no motive was too difficult in the childish naivety. Over the years, influences from animated films, movies, comics, video games, anime and music videos have been absorbed and put on paper. Especially the virtual band “Gorillaz” influenced me later and led to my first steps into the digital world. The passion for design and graphics led to a design study at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences over a two-year apprenticeship. Since 2016 I am working for Sons of Motion Pictures.

Bild von Ronny Labotzke

Ronny Labotzke

Graphic & 2D

Bild von Klaudia Fischer

Klaudia Fischer

3D- & 2D-Animation

Even as a child, blue was my favorite color. Thus it inevitably had to happen that the Sons kindly welcomed me into their team. Until the time I got to the HTWK Leipzig (of course with a blue logo) I acquired knowledge and finished my bachelor’s degree in media technology. The study and subsequent internships and jobs led me from the television world and technology to the animation area, where I lost my heart.

Since March 2016, I'm working with the Sons as an animator in the area of 2D / 3D and lose myself in the jungle of after effects or cinema-4D polygon madness.

Bild von Bernhard Leibelt

Bernhard Leibelt

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Amr Kamel

Amr Kamel

3D- & 2D-Animation

How do you develop narratives, characters and situations to communicate information with others on a human level? Stories have fascinated me since my childhood in Egypt, whether it's myths, fiction or true events in our shared past. So I decided to devote myself to narrative art and master my favourite narrative tools: animation and moving image.

After my bachelor's degree at the Bauhaus University Weimar and on their behalf, I have given several workshops, tutorials and courses on the topics of 3D animation, animation theory and storytelling.

Bild von Willy Zisler

Willy Zisler

Kamera- & Lichtsassistenz

Als Dorfjunge hatte ich mit der Großstadt nicht viel am Hut, dies änderte sich aber mit dem Wechsel auf die Sportschule in Leipzig. Dort habe ich 6 Jahre lang Judo als Leistungsport betrieben. Mit dem Thema Film bin ich im Alter von 11 Jahren in Berührung gekommen, als ich mit dem Camcorder meines Vaters und meinem Bruder die "Olsenbande" nachgedreht habe. Anschließend beschäftigte ich mich immer mehr mit dem Thema und habe inzwischen schon einige Filmprojekte und Praktika hinter mir.
Durch meinen Trainer bin ich auf die Sons aufmerksam geworden und mache hier für ein Jahr ein Praktikum. Mein späterer Berufswunsch hat sich durch das Praktikum auf jeden Fall bestärkt.

Bild von Theresa Schwark

Theresa Schwark

Production Assistant & Disposition

Theatre, photo-school at school, the first own camera, first own laptop and – FINALLY – Windows Movie Maker. From an early age I discovered my passion for photography and film, which also led to the choice of my studies in the field of media management. I chose the specialisation “media production” and learned skills in dealing with professional camera and editing techniques. Due to the very practical training I was involved in many film and television projects and was later allowed to direct a film project abroad. I really like the variety in the film business, dealing with customers and the film crew, and of course the exciting time on the film set. Therefore I am more than pleased that I can do my internship at Picmention and Sons of Motion Pictures.

Pictures say more than a thousand words. I will find out what else films can achieve.

Bild von Clara Mayerberger

Clara Mayerberger


Bild von Steffen Schreiber

Steffen Schreiber

Mr. Cyberport

He is the generalist from the Sons. He mainly produces the studio productions, such as product videos and close ups. For example the YouTube series from Cyberport.

Bild von Susanne Masuch

Susanne Masuch

Schnitt & Postproduktion

Bild von Lisa Mayr

Lisa Mayr

Marketing Manager

Bild von Aaron Hagedorn

Aaron Hagedorn

Setsound & Sounddesign

Bild von Johanna Haupt

Johanna Haupt

Schnitt & Postproduktion

Bild von Laura Behrenberg

Laura Behrenberg

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Loki


"Feel-Good" Manager & Film Dog

Yes, you have recognised me, of course! Once upon a time, I had a brilliant career as a villain in an internationally known Superhero film series. But then the idiots from "The Dark Kingdom" have me first drowned and then they let me die. My new master then took me to an Italian academy where I became a “Feel-good” manager.

I have been with the Sons film crew since August 2016. Part of my main job is to prepare actors for their positive roles and to accompany the rest of the crew during the often long days of shooting. Every day I have to scratch my ears for hours and pick up sticks. The job is really tough!

(And before you ask: For creepy film roles, my colleague Hasso is left out of the cellar – pfff!)

Bild von Du. Ja genau Du!

Du. Ja genau Du!

Praktikum bei den Sons


- Production & Recording Manager
- Sound Assistance or Sound Design
- 2D (After Effects) or 3D Animation (Cinema 4D)
- Graphics (with graphics tablet)
- Cut (Adobe Premiere CC)