From the Vision to the Final Product

Consultation during the First Conversation

In a detailed personal conversation, we get together before starting the project to talk about your goals, ideas and your target audience. We stand by your side and advise you on how you can best achieve your individual goals.

The Conception

After our first meeting we create several different concepts with suitable offers based on our agreements. At the end of the day, you have the choice of which concept best suits your needs.


After the conception phase is completed, the pre-production starts. Filming locations, actors and props are organised by us and detailed plans for the construction at the chosen location are created. After everything has been organised, we are ready for your shoot.

Production & Shooting

Finally, the actual film production follows. Actors and props are staged at the chosen location to make your ideas, wishes and versions come true.

Music & Speaker

Once the shoot is complete, the right speaker will be used if needed. The texts were already drafted in the conception phase. It is up to you which voice and language you consider right for your film. The right music is also of great importance: it gives your production the final touches. With us you can choose from a large selection of music or even get an individual sound composed from us.


In the last step, the shot material is sighted and cut. In doing so, the image undergoes a colour correction to create the ideal atmosphere. In addition, we can realise in post-production animations and special effects.

The Approval

After all correction requests have been implemented, we will provide you with the finished recruiting film as a download. We also provide our productions in full HD quality in every popular video format.

Bild von Roman Rögner

Roman Rögner

Directory & Management

Bild von Lukas Fritzsch

Lukas Fritzsch

Lighting Cameramann & Color Grading

Bild von Karl Kubik

Karl Kubik

Lighting Cameraman

Bild von Florian Arndt

Florian Arndt

Directory & Management

Bild von Ines Göbel

Ines Göbel

Directory & Drone

Bild von Sebastian Gabriel

Sebastian Gabriel

Sound Design & Editing

Bild von Julian Bella

Julian Bella

Setsound & Sounddesign

Bild von Bente Ehrig

Bente Ehrig


Bild von Katja Seifert

Katja Seifert

Production Manager

Bild von Jenny Rehburg

Jenny Rehburg

Production Manager

Bild von Arvid Neid

Arvid Neid

Script & Concept

Bild von Willy Zisler

Willy Zisler

Kamera- & Lichtsassistenz

Bild von Theresa Schwark

Theresa Schwark

Production Assistant & Disposition

Bild von Matthias Weiner

Matthias Weiner

Visual Effects & Rendering

Bild von Björn Renner

Björn Renner

Graphic & Storyboard

Bild von Ronny Labotzke

Ronny Labotzke

Graphic & 2D

Bild von Klaudia Fischer

Klaudia Fischer

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Bernhard Leibelt

Bernhard Leibelt

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Amr Kamel

Amr Kamel

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Clara Mayerberger

Clara Mayerberger


Bild von Steffen Schreiber

Steffen Schreiber

Mr. Cyberport

Bild von Loki


"Feel-Good" Manager & Film Dog

Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH

Our creative and highly motivated team will assist you competently in the production of your recruitment video. We also help you with the production of other film project, such as the production of an image film, commercial for TV and cinema or explanatory video, we stand with advice by your side. In numerous successful projects, we have already collected countless experiences: The best-known productions of Sons Of Motion Pictures are the television commercials of the online printing company Saxoprint as well as the opening credits of the 18th and 19th season of the KIKA youth series "Schloss Einstein".

We are the ideal partner for your film production. You are welcome to send us an inquiry via our contact form. We look forward to working with you.

Recruitment Video | Production | Costs


Nowadays, it is difficult for companies to find suitable and skilled workers and enough junior staff for training. The shortage of skilled workers runs through all sectors and requires new ways of recruiting employees in order to convince potential applicants. The recruiting video is very popular because it attracts attention and offers applicants an insight into the company.

Find out what makes a successful recruiting video, what should be taken into account and how we can help you to produce a video tailored to your needs.

A recruitment video is created whenever a company wants to attract attention as an employer or wants to advertise certain jobs to potential applicants. Since the company is advertised, it is, so to speak, a commercial for an employer. The potential candidate learns in such a film, on the one hand, how the company is as an employer. On the other hand, he gets an insight into the advertised occupational field.

Depending on how the company wants to present itself, the film should consist humour, emotions, facts, etc. However, it is always important that the company is presented authentically and the information is clearly transmitted.

It is important in a recruitment film, above all, that the video is well received by the desired target group. Therefore, the quality of the production should be very high.

A good recruiting video is:

  • informative
  • of high quality
  • interesting
  • authentic

In addition to the production quality, you should also pay attention to the content. A recruitment video can and should convey only certain content vividly. The so-called "hard factors", such as annual turnover, salary, working hours, etc. should can be better addressed in a normal job offer. Facts and figures are better listed as being presented in a short film.

"Soft factors", such as the atmosphere in the company, the work-life balance, the working spirit and the motivation of the employees, can be well conveyed in a video. Emotions play a big role in choosing a job - people want to feel good and safe at work and enjoy working. Therefore, the soft factors, which are always associated with emotions in a recruiting film can be very well represented.

Producing a recruitment video is a challenge, because the video should be both authentic and professional. The potential candidate wants to find out if he can identify himself with the company and if he fits in the working climate of the company.

For the success of a recruiting video it is important, that not an insecure trainee stands in front of a blurred camera and talks about his work and experiences, because that looks amateurish and cannot convince potential applicants of the company. But even an exaggerated production full of action and an excessive presentation can be counterproductive.

It is important that the video is suitable for your business and audience. There are different ways to achieve this and how the movie can be realised. The classic way is to let one's own employees know talk about their workplace and the company. This ensures that your company is perceived as reputable. A younger target group, on the other hand, can be better convinced with a creative realisation. It is important that the recruiting film is tailored to the target audience.

Elementary for a successful candidate acquisition is the exact definition of the target group. Because the production of the recruitment video differs depending on whether you are looking for new apprentices or experienced specialists.

If you are looking for young people to apply as trainees, then you should produce a different film than for middle-aged people. Producing a video for everyone is not possible. Because different phases of life bring different needs with it.

A teenager who has just finished school is looking more for fun, variety and challenges. A video for this audience should therefore be funny and make your business as interesting as possible. Often you reach your goal for this generation with entertaining and funny recruiting films.

But if you are looking for qualified professionals with several years of work experience, you should address other aspects of your business. This generation wants to know something about your family policy and whether your working conditions will improve compared to your current job.

To get your video to the right audience and attract the people you want to reach, it makes sense to use different video distribution channels. If you are looking for qualified professionals, they often come from an older generation and therefore have little exposure to social networks such as YouTube or Instagram. However, they are most likely to be found on platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing, because all so-called "digital natives" are now mainly online. For the younger generation, for example, as a potential trainee to be addressed, it is worthwhile to invest money and actively advertise. Especially on social platforms, it is easy to define your own target group precisely and to place advertising specifically.

Of course, it is possible to produce a recruitment video by yourself. But you should think twice about whether you can handle this task. For a layman, the production of a high-quality recruiting film is not easy. Lack of experience and lack of equipment ensure that the quality of the film suffers.

The consequences may be that both the hoped-for applicants fail and the image of the company is damaged. Those who want to draw attention to themselves with an unprofessional video, quickly run the risk of becoming a joke. Therefore, you should focus on someone who is an expert in the field of video production, has experience with recruiting films and has the necessary equipment.

Since the price for a recruitment video is composed of many different factors, we cannot give you a flat rate for the production. The Sons of Motion Pictures team always creates a concept before the production starts. After researching in detail, we develop various ideas, from which we then create a script. For a more elaborate shooting, we recommend a storyboard. For the conception we usually need 1-3 days. If the concept stands, we calculate the costs of production related to working hours, employees and the required technology. The bigger the film crew, the more expensive the production becomes.

If you want to hire professional actors, additional costs will be added. Depending on the quality of the actors, a high daily rate can be charged. The location is also a cost factor, because premises must be rented. You can save some money shooting the recruitment video in your own company.

In addition, it must be calculated that for music that is to be used, GEMA fees have to be paid. If you want to save money, you can rely on GEMA-free music.

In conclusion, the lower the effort of production, the lower the costs. If you just want to interview your own employees in your company, the costs can be kept to a minimum.

Sons of Motion Picture gives you the complete support - from concept creation to post production, our skilled staff does all the work. In our cinema you can get an impression of our successful projects. In our Making Of, you can take a look behind the scenes of our work. Did we convince you? Then feel free to contact us via the contact form. We look forward to your inquiry!

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