From the Vision to the Final Product

Consultation during the First Conversation

Before the project starts, we will have a detailed discussion with you, in which you can inform us about your goal and your special target group. We would be happy to advise you in this context on how you can achieve your goals in the best way.

The Conception

After our briefing, we create several concepts with corresponding offers based on our agreements. Afterwards you have the spoilt for choice and have to decide which concept suits your company best.


As soon as the conception phase is complete, pre-production starts: film locations, actors and props are organised and detailed film schedules are created. If all this is organised, we can start to shoot your film project.

Production & Shooting

It follows the heart of every film production – the shoot. Props and actors are staged at the appropriate locations to transform your and our vision in reality.

Music & Speaker

When the shoot finishes and everything is done, we add the voice of the perfect speaker with the text which was drafted in the conception phase. You can freely decide which voice and language completes your movie. The importance of suitable music cannot be denied: It is the final touch of every film production. You can choose from a huge selection of music pieces or we can compose an individual sound for you.


In post-production, the final footage is sifted and cut. To create the right atmosphere, the colours of the images are corrected. In addition, we can realise animations and special effects in this part of the production.

The Approval

After we have implemented the concept and any correction requests, we will provide you with the final advertising film as a digital download. We also provide our productions in every popular video format of your choice in Full HD quality.

Bild von Roman Rögner

Roman Rögner

Directory & Management

Bild von Lukas Fritzsch

Lukas Fritzsch

Lighting Cameramann & Color Grading

Bild von Karl Kubik

Karl Kubik

Lighting Cameraman

Bild von Florian Arndt

Florian Arndt

Directory & Management

Bild von Ines Göbel

Ines Göbel

Directory & Drone

Bild von Sebastian Gabriel

Sebastian Gabriel

Sound Design & Editing

Bild von Julian Bella

Julian Bella

Setsound & Sounddesign

Bild von Bente Ehrig

Bente Ehrig


Bild von Katja Seifert

Katja Seifert

Production Manager

Bild von Jenny Rehburg

Jenny Rehburg

Production Manager

Bild von Arvid Neid

Arvid Neid

Script & Concept

Bild von Willy Zisler

Willy Zisler

Kamera- & Lichtsassistenz

Bild von Theresa Schwark

Theresa Schwark

Production Assistant & Disposition

Bild von Matthias Weiner

Matthias Weiner

Visual Effects & Rendering

Bild von Björn Renner

Björn Renner

Graphic & Storyboard

Bild von Ronny Labotzke

Ronny Labotzke

Graphic & 2D

Bild von Klaudia Fischer

Klaudia Fischer

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Bernhard Leibelt

Bernhard Leibelt

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Amr Kamel

Amr Kamel

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Clara Mayerberger

Clara Mayerberger


Bild von Steffen Schreiber

Steffen Schreiber

Mr. Cyberport

Bild von Loki


"Feel-Good" Manager & Film Dog

Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH

Our highly motivated team is your competent partner in the production of your image film. But we also stand by your side for producing other film projects, such as the production of your documentary, commercials for TV and cinema or tutorials. We have already gained extensive experience in numerous successful projects. Among our best-known productions are the TV commercials of the online printing company Saxoprint as well as the opening credits of the 18th and 19th season of the KIKA youth series “Schloss Einstein”.

If you need a competent partner for your film production, you can always send us a request via our contact form. We cannot wait to work with you!

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Image films are a special type of advertising film that portrays a company, an institution, a product or a brand. With the aim to spread or improve the image – the reputation – this subgroup of the advertising film is a popular element in the marketing and PR area. In contrast to the simple advertising film, journalistic and documentary recordings are integrated and in this way a direct connection to the consumer is formed.

If you need a professional partner for the production of your image film, you can rely on our young and motivated team from Sons Of Motion Pictures, who will actively assist you in various film productions.


With the help of an image film, you can create confidence and entertain at the same time. For both goals to be achieved, an image film must be produced as emotional as possible.

A Complete Support

We offer you complete support - from the first consultation to the production to the completion of your project. We are motivated and competent and always eager to support you as best as possible.

Highest Quality

Our extensive technology from well-known manufacturers enables us to always realise high-quality projects. For us, it is natural to always use the means at our disposal to get the most out of every production.

Creativity & Experience

We see ourselves not only as a service provider, but also as creative artists. For this reason, we attach great importance to constantly developing ourselves alongside the business. In recent years, three of our own productions have received more than 35 film awards, including the coveted "Most Valuable" (german: “Besonders Wertvoll”) award.

We Create Your Image Film at the Highest Level

In addition to numerous other reasons, our productions are characterised by extensive expertise, professional advice and extraordinary commitment.

An image film can roughly be defined as a hybrid between a conventional commercial and a documentary. The length usually does not exceed ten minutes. The advertising intention on the one hand and the portrait on the other are the essential characteristics that characterise an image film. The primary goal is to create a positive image. For this, the image film has all the formal and technical resources of the film at its disposal. Depending on the financing options and intentions of the customers, image films can be costly and complex. The difference to a commercial in which a product is advertised is the fact that the development process of a product is more important. In this case, however, the image film should also incorporate image-forming elements, by means of which the film remains positive in the memory of the viewer.

An image film is a short film that portrays a person, a brand or a company. Superficial it is about giving the viewer a behind the scenes look and a positive and multifaceted impression of the advertiser.

The Conception

The requirement of any image film is a creative conception. At Sons Of Motion Pictures, we design different concepts and texts to be able to present your company in the best possible way. As our customer, you always have the opportunity to integrate yourself with own ideas and wishes during the concept phase.

The Organisation

With a high-quality image film usually a high expenditure of organisation is attached. For this reason, we create a detailed schedule for you, so that at any time an overview is guaranteed. We also organise speakers, extras or requisites if needed.

Not only a memorable content, but also the compliance to the highest quality standards is important in the production of an image film.

Highest Quality

Our modern, in-house technology from well-known manufacturers enables us to ensure that our productions always comply with established quality guidelines and have the highest image quality.

The Speaker

A special feature of image films is the off-voice, so the choice of the right speaker should be well considered. Only with the right voice can an advertiser be presented best. Therefore, we offer you a selection of professional speakers. Because only with a wide range of possibilities you can make the best decision.

The basis of every image film is the concept, which goes hand in hand with a detailed research. From one of the presented ideas, a script and a storyboard, i.e. drawings of the individual camera image sections, are created. The creation of a shooting plan takes about one to three days. The organisation of locations and technology is usually settled per day. There may be additional costs for props, rides, technology rental and room rental. In the case that external performers are used, the daily rate depends on their quality and experience. If special acting is required, you should engage professional actors. Keep in mind that well-known actors or other celebrities can demand a much higher fee.

Depending on the effort, the costs for a studio can also vary. If it is only about the use of a green screen or a regulated lighting situation, the costs are lower. If, however, a fully equipped studio with multi-camera directing is needed, it can also be a bit more expensive. When shooting, the size of the film crew depends on the size of the project - the larger this is, the higher are the costs. Graphic designers take over tasks such as the intro / outro design. Animations can also have a positive effect on the quality of an image film. Often, a professional speaker is used to convey the content appropriately. Another aspect is the right music. The cheapest way is the use of GEMA-free music, which is paid in the form of a license model. Music can also be directly purchased from music publishers. The composing of your own piece of music starts at about 500 euros.

The production costs for an image film depend on the effort of the project. There may be additional costs.

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