From the Vision to the Final Product

Consultation during the First Conversation

Before the project starts, you can inform us in a detailed personal conversation about your goal and your target group. We are there to advise you on how you can achieve your goals in the best possible way.

The Conception

After our conversation, we create several concepts based on our agreements with corresponding offers. Afterwards you have the choice and can decide which concept suits your ideas perfectly.


The pre-production starts as soon as the conceptual design is complete: we organise film locations, actors and props and create detailed schedules for the shoot. If everything is planned, we are ready for the shoot.

Production & Shooting

Then the production begins. Props and actors are staged at the appropriate locations to transcribe your and our vision into a video.

Music & Speaker

After everything is filmed, we add the voice of the right speaker. The text of which was already drafted during the conception phase. You can freely decide which voice and language should be used in your film. The right music gives your film production the final touch. With us you can choose from a large music selection. If requested we also compose an individual sound for you.


In post-production, the filmed footage is sifted and cut. The image is colour corrected to create the right atmosphere. In addition, animations and special effects are realised in post-production.

The Approval

After we have implemented the concept and your individual correction requests, we digitally provide you with the final advertising film. Our productions are available as a download and in any popular video format – of course in Full HD quality as well.

Bild von Florian Arndt

Florian Arndt

Directory & Management

Bild von Karl Kubik

Karl Kubik

Lighting Cameraman

Bild von Roman Rögner

Roman Rögner

Directory & Management

Bild von Ines Göbel

Ines Göbel

Directory & Drone

Bild von Lukas Fritzsch

Lukas Fritzsch

Lighting Cameramann & Color Grading

Bild von Sebastian Gabriel

Sebastian Gabriel

Sound Design & Editing

Bild von Julian Bella

Julian Bella

Setsound & Sounddesign

Bild von Bente Ehrig

Bente Ehrig


Bild von Katja Seifert

Katja Seifert

Production Manager

Bild von Jenny Rehburg

Jenny Rehburg

Production Manager

Bild von Arvid Neid

Arvid Neid

Script & Concept

Bild von Willy Zisler

Willy Zisler

Kamera- & Lichtsassistenz

Bild von Theresa Schwark

Theresa Schwark

Production Assistant & Disposition

Bild von Matthias Weiner

Matthias Weiner

Visual Effects & Rendering

Bild von Björn Renner

Björn Renner

Graphic & Storyboard

Bild von Ronny Labotzke

Ronny Labotzke

Graphic & 2D

Bild von Klaudia Fischer

Klaudia Fischer

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Bernhard Leibelt

Bernhard Leibelt

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Amr Kamel

Amr Kamel

3D- & 2D-Animation

Bild von Clara Mayerberger

Clara Mayerberger


Bild von Steffen Schreiber

Steffen Schreiber

Mr. Cyberport

Bild von Loki


"Feel-Good" Manager & Film Dog

Sons Of Motion Pictures GmbH

Our young and motivated team consists of 20 employees, who offer you competent support in the production of your commercials, but also in other film projects, such as the production of a documentary film , image film or tutorial. We have already gained extensive experience in numerous successful projects: our probably best-known productions are the television commercials from the online printing company Saxoprint as well as the introductory productions of the 18th and 19th season of the KIKA youth series “Schloss Einstein”.

If you are looking for an expert in film production for your concern, you can always send us a request via our contact form, so we can talk about your ideas and expectations.

Commercial | Advertising Film | Production | Costs


Commercials are a form of advertising in which a company, product or service is presented and promoted. Mostly, these videos can already be implemented with a small budget. In addition to the television and cinema advertising is nowadays the publication of the spots on various websites of great importance. The goal is to give the product, the company or the brand a positive image, so that the sales increase.

If you are looking for a professional partner for the production of your modern and unique commercial, including cinema and TV, you can count on the Sons Of Motion Pictures team.

Our work is characterised, besides other reasons, especially through extensive know-how, professional advice and extraordinary creativity and commitment.

Our Experience

Because our team has already successfully completed a large number of film projects that have been broadcast both on television and in cinemas, you can be sure that we are familiar with the requirements for successful commercials and that we will deliver you the best possible result.

A Complete Support

The goal of our collaboration is to take a lot of work off your hands. That is why we support you from the first consultation, over the production, to the completion of your film project with a competent and complete support. Therefore, we can produce a commercial in cooperation with you. We promise you will be completely satisfied.

Highest Quality

We always aim to realise high-quality projects. In order to achieve this goal, we have extensive equipment of the latest technology from well-known manufacturers. For us at Sons Of Motion Pictures it is obvious that we always try get the most out of your production.

Creativity & 35 Awards

Since we do not just see ourselves as a service provider but also as creative artists, we want to develop ourselves besides our business. Three of our productions achieved more than 35 awards over the course of the last years, one of them being the title “Especially Valuable” (german: “Besonders Wertvoll”).

Advertising is of great importance in today's society. In Germany alone, up to 45 billion euros are spent annually on advertising – making Germany the world’s fifth largest advertising company. Commercials on TV are particularly important because the channels are largely funded by the short commercials. But also on the Internet, the so-called viral marketing is becoming increasingly important. Commercials that appear on the Internet can be distributed by users millions of times and reach even more people than TV or cinema spots. The market offer is more varied today than ever before, which is why consumer awareness is so important. Accordingly, the consumer benefits from a comprehensive market overview as well as an appropriate price level. Nowadays, the consumer determines the market. In return, the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry ZAW e. V. investigates how advertising affects the behaviour of the consumer.

What are the Factors for Success of a Commercial?

For a commercial (whether cinema, TV or the Internet) to stay in the mind, some basic criteria must be fulfilled. One of these criteria is the factor of emotionality. Videos that appeal to the viewer on an emotional level and correspond to the current spirit of time give the viewer a positive brand feeling. To achieve this, more and more companies are focusing on humour and drama. A good commercial should not be too clumsy and direct but convince with original, intelligent aspects. When advertisers think creatively, content can be promoted effectively and individually through unobtrusive tools such as metaphors. A commercial that should not miss its purpose and stay in the mind of the viewer can also be provocative. The more consumers talk about a commercial, the better known it becomes. A spot also stays in the memory when there is a dramaturgy, so stories are told with unexpected turns and highlights. The target group is another important factor. Although a commercial can rarely be tailored to exactly one group, a target audience should still be defined in advance. This increases the likelihood that the commercial will be well received by the “right people”. The length of a commercial is also an important criterion: on average, a spot should not last longer than 30 seconds.

Commercials are short film productions in which a product or service of a company is presented for promotional purposes. Depending on the broadcast location, the length can be 15 seconds to 90 seconds. In this short period, a story must be told that is either exciting or funny and touches the viewer on an emotional level. The ultimate goal is to publicise the advertised product and the underlying brand. That should cause an increasing sale of the product. Rather than providing detailed information about a product or service, a commercial is about leaving a lasting first impression.

The Conception

When it comes to creating a professional commercial for you, we offer you strong support throughout the production. After an initial conversation, we will get to work on the visual and creative conception that forms the basis of the further production. In this context, we create a storyboard for you, in which we include our and your ideas. Of course, you can be a part of the production and add your own ideas to the concept at any time.

The Organisation

Preparing a commercial requires a lot of organisation, which we of course like to do for you. We take care of the search for the right actors, get the necessary props and filming permits. In addition, we plan the shooting times, overnight stays and trips as well as all other requirements.

Highest Image Quality

We orient ourselves at the highest quality standards: our in-house, modern technology from well-known manufacturers always allows us the highest image quality, so that we can create an optimal and high-quality commercial with a memorable message.

Individual Sound

Because commercials should remain in the memory of the customer, it is advisable to include not only appealing images but also the right sound. Our sound designers take care of the right music for your commercial and also compose a special piece of music just for you.

If you have chosen a professional commercial to advertise a product or service, you should look for an advertising agency or production company to produce a concept with multiple proposals for the implementation. We at Sons Of Motion Pictures work closely with you in this first phase, so that your ideas are included in the best possible way. We develop the storyboard as soon as you have decided on an idea. After this has been accepted, the costs are calculated. Afterwards, the actual production including casting of the actors, the search for the location and the organisation of the shoot begins. If you want to shoot locally, it is also not a problem for us - we are happy to come to your region to produce a unique commercial with you. Although the shooting usually takes only a few days, the technical and human effort is similar to a feature film production. The post-production is the final step: materials are sifted, cut and corrected in colour. The edited material is then supplemented, if needed, with sounds, music, speech and animation. We offer you all these steps from one provider.

Depending on the costs of the production, the costs of a commercial can vary. On average, five to fifteen of our employees work on a film project for one to three days. Additional costs for actors, room rental and props may also occur.

If a commercial is to be broadcast in cinemas or on television, there will also be license fees, which vary from provider to provider. These cost about 50 percent of the production costs for a local broadcast, and up to 100 percent for a nationwide broadcast. In addition, costs for the regional placement of the spot and one-off costs for adaptation of the sound standard LEQ82 occur. Apart from these additional costs for cinema advertising, the prices of commercials for TV and cinema are not particularly different.

The placement of a commercial on television is also associated with costs. The costs differ between public and private broadcasters. The costs depend for example on the broadcasting time. For spots, which are broadcast after 8pm on the private television, you can plan with about 60,000 euros. When a special event is broadcast, these costs can double again. With about 20,000 euros, the price of advertising on public television is much lower. It is cheaper because advertising is not allowed to be broadcast after 8pm. In a so-called tandem commercial, the spot is interrupted by another clip and finally continues its story in a second clip. For those kind of commercials you have to calculate about 1.5 times the cost of a normal commercial. In addition to the broadcasting time, the position of a spot within a commercial block also plays an important role. The first and last commercial that viewers see is usually best kept in mind.

But the Internet is also becoming increasingly important when it comes to advertising. Probably the best-known online video platform is YouTube. Uploading advertising clips before YouTube videos is cheaper than broadcasting them on TV. The ads which are shown before a YouTube video can be closed by the viewer after a few seconds. If a commercial is closed and not fully viewed, the advertiser does not pay. He only pays if the spot was viewed for at least 30 seconds. With very short commercials, in which the product and the most important information is presented in the first few seconds, a company can present their products and philosophy particularly cheap and sometimes even for free.

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